A constitutional defense of Megan's Law

Megan’s Law, adopted by all 50 states, requires convicted sex offenders to register their whereabouts with police once they get out of jail. Often neighbors are alerted by the state

Of poo and culture

Of poo and culture

Does poo have artistic merit? A viewer watching Dingleberries, a series of 15 comic sketches set in a bathroom, may well ask that question. The play, produced by Washington’s Cherry

Bubble Wrap Under Attack

The latest asbestos boondoggle involves the Saddle Brook, New Jersey inventor of Bubble Wrap and an activist judge whose specialty is fortune-telling. Were this a Tom Wolfe novel, a promising

The District's Democracy Deficit

This week’s elections will give citizens all over America the opportunity to choose the leaders that will manage our federal republic. All over the U.S., that is, except in its

A More Interesting Race

Settling in to write yet another election post-mortem, I demurred, realizing that at best it would be yet another election post-mortem. Every possible explanation for the GOP victory has been