The war was justified

Talk about the “missing WMDs” and the notion that President Bush lied about Saddam Hussein having them in order to push America into war has more to do with a

Will the FCC let us be?

As the Federal Communications Commission prepares to vote today on relaxing cross-ownership rules for media conglomerates, critics have been ominously warning that the action would allow an oligopoly to influence

Today's abolitionists

More than one million children are killed in abortions every year in the U.S., and our government sponsors, condones and protects it all. This is the single greatest injustice in

Bugging the Digital Age

Developing search engines almost cost four college students $97,800,000,000. That’s 97.8 billion dollars–the amount the Recording Industry Association of America requested for damages in a recent lawsuit against the four

The Golden Justice

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist is widely expected to retire at the end of this Supreme Court term. President Bush’s nominee to replace him will undoubtedly face virulent partisan opposition.

Chechnya: The New Afghanistan?

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