Month: September 28, 2003

Sep 28,2003

WTO foes no friends to poor

NAIROBI, KENYA–The two women seated next to me in the cab claimed to be my advocates. But as we traveled toward the World Trade Organization ministerial meeting in Cancun, I...

Sep 28,2003

Book review: The End of Democracy?

The End of Democracy?: The Celebrated First Things Debate, With Arguments Pro and Con, and “The Anatomy of a Controversy” by Richard John Neuhaus Edited by Mitchell S. Muncy Spence Publishing Company, 288...

Sep 22,2003

Tyrants in robes

Be afraid. B very afraid. State and federal judges are usurping democracy and attempting to impose their own vision of utopia.

Sep 21,2003

The hypocritical environmentalism of celebrities

Supporting and funding alternative means of energy in an effort to eliminate America’s dependency on foreign oil and reduce pollution has long been one of the stated causes of progressive...

Sep 14,2003

The libertarian case for Clark

For those on the Right not too happy with President Bush, perhaps a Wesley Clark candidacy wouldn't be such a bad idea.