The Brainwash holiday gift guide

Some people are already finished their holiday shopping. You know the type–list made in February, presents purchased by October, package mailed by Thanksgiving. They probably even hit the after-Christmas sales

The Left inherits the wind

Why do Americans continue to drift towards conservatism? Because liberals continue to send lawyers and judges to their small towns to tell them how to run their lives and educate their children.

Tell kids the truth

Parents face a difficult job when it comes to instilling moral values in their children. When I have kids, I won’t want them dabbling in drugs, cigarettes, or unprotected sex.

The moral values voter

It’s been nearly a month, and everyone else has dissected Election 2004. But since I called it on election eve, I’m going to take my own belated turn. The exit polls

Can we move on now?

An open letter to Democrats: “It just occurs to me that you really don’t understand how much we have in common. Can we have a fresh start? I’d like to introduce myself to you: I’m a Republican voter.”

A painful loss

A painful loss

Pity the pain of the left. They are twice stung, both by the bitter pain of a lost election and by the great pangs of irony that come from the

Year of the documentary?

So Michael Moore didn’t unseat George W. Bush. The director had said that the explicit aim of Fahrenheit 9/11, his documentary focusing on the Iraq war, was to defeat the president.

Seven big questions for a great nation

The 2004 elections on the one hand changed everything–there is now a clear majority party with a mandate for bold change. On the other hand, the same basic questions about