Of duck hunting and recusal

Here’s a hypothetical for you: Say there’s a Supreme Court Justice that is about to hear a case where Organization X is a party. Organization X is a nonprofit group

The heresy of animal rights

Raising the question of animal rights in conservative or libertarian circles can be an adventure. You’ll see red faces, angry brows, and you might be called a heretic. Often rejected

The losing side of history

The Cold War and the ominous threat of Communist expansion are long over. Still Americans should start thinking about communism again. Why dig up the past? Because our current enemy–loosely

The Wodehouse Conservative

One often hears Washington, D.C., shamed for its sartorial cluelessness. The putdown holds, more or less, that a fashionable dresser would be as out of place among the capital’s armies

Dean of Candidates

Dean of Candidates

However you measure it, Howard Dean’s ascent from bottom of the barrel in early 2003 to top of the heap by year’s end is an amazing story. Dean dealt himself

A Thousand Springsteens Bloom

In 1989, Walker Percy sent a letter to Bruce Springsteen. Percy was a not-exactly famous Southern Catholic writer. Springsteen was a rock megastar and cultural icon. Their correspondence, you can

Washington’s Anonymous Architects

Before Phil Schneider came to Washington in the late 1960s and built a career collecting statistics on the federal government, American leaders hardly knew their own strength. That is to

Notes From New Hampshire

A young man who roller-bladed cross-country last summer to protest the war in Iraq walked into the New Hampshire campaign headquarters of Dennis Kucinich carrying a small, soft briefcase. A