Month: April 26, 2004

Apr 26,2004

An unlikely champion of libertarianism

Free trade and globalization may be the only hope for the third world, but it's interesting to read such arguments in the pages of The Nation.

Apr 26,2004

The one lesson on outsourcing

Whenever people start talking about an economic problem, like the current debate over the outsourcing of jobs from America to foreign nations, I always remind myself of the crucial lesson...

Apr 19,2004

Serious writers and the silver screen

Does anyone read serious fiction anymore? For years, we’ve been hearing laments about the declining sales of novels. And hardly anyone seems to read short stories these days–the women’s magazines...

Apr 18,2004

Confession of a criminal spammer

When I write an article I like, I often e-mail its link to about 250 of my closest friends who are on what I call my “self-promotion list.” But after...

Apr 18,2004

Conserving marriage

While opinion polls have consistently shown most Americans are in favor of maintaining current marriage laws, two-thirds of high school seniors and a majority of those in their twenties favor...

Apr 11,2004

“Free Culture,” free book

Lawrence Lessig is giving away his new book for free on the Web, and he might just show us how "free" could also mean "profitable."