Interview With… Christopher Buckley

Christopher Buckley, author of many well-known Washington satires – Thank You for Smoking , Little Green Men , and the forthcoming Florence of Arabia – recently sat down for an interview with Doublethink editor David Skinner. The debriefing

The Best Defense

The fate of Charlie Dingleman, the protagonist of Jeffrey Frank’s novel Bad Publicity , brings to mind contemporary American foreign policy debates. Charlie, a former congressman now shilling for a K Street

Bright young doomed things

The working title of Evelyn Waugh’s second novel, Vile Bodies, was Bright Young Things. I suspect the change in the novel’s tone had something to do with the swap. Midway through writing

The libertarian electoral dilemma

Circus showman P. T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Amongst libertarians, millions of suckers are reborn every four years–just in time for the next presidential election.

Betrayal in Pennsylvania

Sen. Arlen Specter’s victory in the Pennsylvania primary is a let-down for the young conservative foot soldiers in the war for the future of our country.