Month: June 27, 2004

Jun 27,2004

Putting the “fun” in unfunded mandates

The U.S. Department of Education building in Washington is a great symbol of the confused state of American public education today. It is a large, Soviet-looking, concrete box. It conjures...

Jun 21,2004

A victory over dead cinema

Bubba Ho-Tep, recently released on DVD, features a redneck mummy, a black JFK--and plenty of fun.

Jun 20,2004

Night of the living spam

Have you ever tried to imagine what a spammer looks like? “Vigrax,” for example, could be a slovenly European–Dutch probably–writing these bizarre email advertisements in a dark, dirty studio apartment...

Jun 20,2004

Unpublished law

When is a published document considered unpublished? Only in the realm of law, where one of the first lessons any law student learns is how legal fiction is more powerful...

Jun 13,2004

A statement, not an apology

I was in third grade on January 28, 1986, the day the Challenger exploded. I had just returned home weeks earlier from a vacation tour of Cape Canaveral, where I...

Jun 13,2004

A critical look at Ronald Reagan

Of the premier U.S. politicians in recent history, Ronald Reagan is the best example of symbolism over substance. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate Reagan. The man did a...