You gotta serve somebody

Touting his national service plan before a group of college students recently, John Kerry intoned: “this election is not just about what we’re going to do, it’s about what you’re going to

Wimbledon, Willie, and me

A few weeks ago, when this great nation was celebrating its 228th birthday, I had the great honor, and privilege, of spending the day with two great (and alliterative) American

Making juries matter again

Sometimes the biggest Supreme Court decisions don’t announce themselves with much fanfare. While pundits frothed over the high-profile cases concerning Vice President Cheney, the Pledge of Allegiance and the detainees

Three reasons Bush will win

Time to make a fool of myself. On June 4, I posted my prediction for the Presidential election on my office wall. I have President Bush carrying 36 states and

Book review: On Paradise Drive

There is no better example of the upsurge of American middle-class luxury than the trend of books dissecting it. In recent months we’ve seen Trading Up: The New American Luxury, Living It

An enemy too familiar

If our current conflict in Iraq seems like World War II, it should. This nation has, once again, reluctantly chosen to wield its bloody sword for liberty’s sake.

Tuning out RFID panic

Although privacy activists have been up in arms about RFID technology in consumer products, the real threat lies in government snooping.