Month: August 15, 2004

Aug 15,2004

Eminent domain on the wane?

Private property owners got some good news from Michigan last month when the state’s supreme court struck down a county’s use of the eminent domain power in County of Wayne v....

Aug 09,2004

Soldiers with second thoughts

Among the many brave men and women of our armed forces in combat, there are some soldiers who decide they just can't fight.

Aug 09,2004

Book review: The Compleat Gentleman

Supposing I had much to learn from a book on modern chivalry, I picked up Brad Miner’s The Compleat Gentleman with great interest. Unfortunately, it is less a book on manners than...

Aug 01,2004

Lost in Boston

Our man in Boston tells us what the national media didn't report from the Democratic National Convention.

Aug 01,2004

Ron Reagan’s missed opportunity

Ron Reagan Jr. missed a great opportunity on Tuesday night. He came to the stage of the Democratic National Convention with the stated agenda of making a plea for the...

Aug 01,2004

Hillary on film?

Last week I attended a private screening of filmmaker Jonathan Demme’s remake of the legendary 1962 political thriller, The Manchurian Candidate. Watching any media heavy, Washington-based film is sometimes an event...