Month: September 26, 2004

Sep 26,2004

Hey, hey LBJ!

A thought for progressive Bush haters: You've already suffered through the first term of the modern LBJ. Do you really want a Nixon?

Sep 26,2004

Book review: Where the Right Went Wrong

In the relatively easy eighties and nineties, Pat Buchanan, like the prophet Jeremiah, earned a reputation for speaking harsh words in smooth season. Although the times have changed for the...

Sep 20,2004

The Michael Moore Strategy

My favorite professor at Columbia’s journalism school was a cantankerous middle-aged woman, formerly an editor at New York Newsday, who was fond of bellowing, “You think your mother loves you? Check...

Sep 19,2004

Testing the wrong policy on students

Why are Washington bureaucrats so enamored with random student drug testing? The evidence thus far is clear: drug testing has a poor track record in reducing student drug use, particularly...

Sep 11,2004

The future of 9/11

September 11, three years later. It seems like an eternity since the attacks, but for some it feels like just yesterday. The names of the lost were read aloud again...

Sep 11,2004

Not going gently

Is there anything Julian Barnes can’t do? One of Britain’s leading literary lights, Barnes is the author of nine novels (including Flaubert’s Parrot, a slightly metafictional meditation on the author of Madame...