Shedding light on electoral ties

Interested in becoming president this year? If so, hope for an electoral college tie. With an unlikely, but plausible, perfect tie–269 electoral votes for both Bush and Kerry–anyone meeting the Constitutional

Character matters

Character matters

Analysis of the presidential contest: Why Kerry tied the race, and why personal qualities hold the key to a Bush re-election.

Radio freedom from above

The King of All Media is adding yet another organ to his empire. Howard Stern, the original shock jock, has announced that he is moving from terrestrial radio to satellite

Voting 2004: Ctrl-Alt-Del

The 2000 Florida voting fiasco required a solution. And clearly, the solution would have to (A) come from Congress, (B) increase the federal government’s role, and (C) involve computers.

Stem cell pop quiz

By now most Americans have heard of stem-cell research. Sadly, the general public remains largely misinformed about this controversial topic, and, as expected, many politicians have positioned themselves to benefit

Bumble-Bush and the Magic Wand

This being my last column before the election, here’s my chance to make the Big Prediction (guaranteed to be wrong, or your money back). Will it be Kerry or Bush?

Guantanamo in New York

A play about the detainees at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station in Cuba, Guantanamo: “Honor Bound to Defend Freedom”, recently opened in New York City at the Culture Project. This play