Month: November 14, 2004

Nov 14,2004

Book Review: “Checkpoint” by Nicholson Baker

Although it is, by Baker's usual standards, a middling production, Checkpoint did occasion something of a second-order news event as critics and commentators from across the notional left-right spectrum rose...

Nov 08,2004

The Sex and the City voter

This year, the Bush and Kerry campaigns joined the media and various women’s groups throughout this election to chase a hot new voter, the unmarried woman. Dubbed the “Sex and...

Nov 08,2004

Anyone but anyone but Bush

At first, Kerry supporters were giddy as Election Day started. Exit polls were in Kerry’s favor, long lines were reported at election stations across the country, and the last few...

Nov 08,2004

This is the culture war

An electoral revolution took place on election day. Now the Republican party must keep its word.

Nov 01,2004

The Left’s unloseable election?

It’s a bit unsettling to think that almost anything could happen tomorrow. And I don’t mean the election results–I mean the looting, the riots, the fistfights afterward, and yes, even...

Nov 01,2004

Playing ‘Pretend’ with Bush and Kerry

At a recent family gathering, an uncle asked me which major presidential candidate I’d support if I weren’t a Libertarian. When I told him that I don’t see a dramatic...