Month: February 28, 2005

Feb 28,2005

Imagine there’s no countries

Free trade, to the degree it means the right to dispose of your own property as you wish, is a pro-freedom idea. "Free trade," when it involves international bodies and...

Feb 28,2005

The feds and your medical data

Federally mandated electronic medical records may sound wonderful, but before rushing to put a system in place, we need to consider the downsides.

Feb 20,2005

Problems with the property tax

The price of real estate is soaring in Northern Virginia. Condo values are up 28 percent from last year in Alexandria, where I live, and homes have more than doubled...

Feb 15,2005

Who Moved My Cheese? and the Meaning of Life

The business of business books is to sell a dream of success and fulfillment. But scratch the surface and something other than hope and joy appears. Beneath, for example, the...