An Easter reflection on life and death

That so many think it is fine to let Terri Schiavo die shows that Pope John Paul II was painfully correct when he diagnosed our society as afflicted with a “culture of death.”

Hear no evil, see no evil, file-share no evil?

Last year the Ninth Circuit accepted Grokster’s argument that because it has no knowledge of what files are traded and no ability to filter them, it cannot be held liable as Napster was for infringement. The Supreme Court should not be so gullible.

Recycling is garbage

I’ve always been told that art and politics don’t mix. But I’m starting to question this conventional wisdom. Sometimes politics could use more beauty and subtlety. And sometimes art could

Italians for The Sopranos

The Sopranos are after me. Or so it seemed in the summer of 2000, because everywhere I turned they were there. My neighborhood in Toronto, Canada was literally plastered with

Dreaming of DRM

Dreaming of DRM

Digital rights management technologies may yet prove an effective piracy deterrent, and companies should be free to deploy them. But requiring customers to comply with them on pain of criminal penalties is a step too far.

Iranians for Bush

Iranians, connected to the outside world by satellite dishes and the Internet, are now pro-American, but they won’t be if the U.S. intervenes militarily.