Save the orphans

Old bits of culture are the building blocks of new culture, but they’re useless if they are locked up.

Maverick Merchant

Film producer Ismail Merchant told UPI a couple of years ago that he was baffled as to why Hollywood made so many dreadful movies year after year. He wondered “Why

The cost of fitting in

Let us malign and stereotype the conservative for a moment: He–and it is most certainly a ‘he,’ for only men are conservatives, unless it is a thoughtless woman who takes

Shifting the net into neutral?

Mandatory “net neutrality” rules are unnecessary because good old-fashioned competition is sufficient to ensure an open future for the Internet.

It’s Really About Roe

Without Roe v. Wade, the issue of abortion would be left to the democratic process in each state, which is something the patrons of the Democratic Party cannot allow.

Just a ride

A new collection of letters and routines sheds light on the complexity of late comedian Bill Hicks.

What judges do

Judges are in the crosshairs. The possible filibustering of some of President Bush’s judicial nominees has Senate Republicans mulling a “nuclear option” to force the nominees to a general vote,

Electoral security

When AFF held a roundtable on Social Security in mid-March, we were blessed with the presence of two liberals — Dean Baker and Ben Hubbard — willing to make the case against

Broadcast flag burning

Now that the FCC’s “broadcast flag” has been struck down, broadcasters would do well to stop obsessing over exaggerated piracy threats and focus on competing with cable and satellite.

Changing hearts, ending abortion

Despite all the talk about retiring Supreme Court justices, the reversal of Roe v. Wade is in no way imminent. Even if two pro-Roe justices retire over the next four years, the president