Month: July 31, 2005

Jul 31,2005

What secret handshake?

“Why is it that membership in the Federalist Society has become the secret handshake of the Bush nominees for the federal court?” asked Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) during judicial confirmation...

Jul 28,2005

Off-Color Expose

“Tastelessness breeds tastelessness.” No joke, that’s what Don Nilsen tells me when I call. I want to know what Nilsen, editor of The Encyclopedia of 20th Century Humor and former...

Jul 28,2005


In fact Rock the Vote is left wing, whether or not the young voters they claim to represent on a given issue are also left wing. In fact, as it...

Jul 24,2005

Hands off my clock

Congress, as part of its new energy bill, has arbitrarily decided to extend Daylight Saving Time by four weeks — one in the fall and three in the spring. If...

Jul 17,2005

Fair search

Google Print will let you search the full text of every book ever printed--unless the law gets in the way, that is.