Christmas killjoys

Christmas–and anything that smacks of the alleged superstition of Christianity–seems to be slowly but methodically being removed from the British public sphere (as it is in America).

War on Christians

War on Christians

Christians ought not get too upset by un-Christian businesses or people. They do not interfere with our ability to live as Christians. We should be afraid of government restricting our freedom to live according to our beliefs and consciences.

The strategic libertarian

Former colleague Brink Lindsey stirred up something of a tempest among libertarians last week with his article in The New Republic suggesting that libertarians might be better off leaving the

Pre-Columbian passion

If the murmured exclamations that precede it–a cast of hundreds of amateur actors; set in pre-Columbian Mexico; shot entirely in an obscure Mesoamerican dialect–didn’t tip you off about the scale

Corrupting mumble

Exhausted by the seemingly never ending political season, frustrated by Republican repudiation of the brand of conservatism that led to victory and a brief stint as the majority party, seeking

From 9/11 to 11/7

After an afternoon making calls from the Dubliner and an all-nighter fueled by a week’s worth of Irish whiskey, I put the final edits on the post-election edition of the

Allen agonistes

Allen agonistes

Virginia Senator George Allen’s loss earlier this month to Jim Webb was more than just a win for the Democratic Party, which needed Allen’s seat to gain a majority in

Milton Friedman, conservative

To deal with man’s flaws, a conservative trusts in tradition and community. He also tries to guard against the concentration of power. Milton Friedman warned constantly about the concentration of power, and looked always to the past for a guide.

The LSE’s bell curve

From Charles Murray’s Bell Curve to Satoshi Kanazawa’s new paper on IQ’s, each and every time, a new idea or provocative opinion has produced a reaction among cultural elites that is nothing but closed, dogmatic, rigid, and shrill.