Month: April 30, 2006

Apr 30,2006

Lights, camera, Supreme Court

In a show of bravado in The Washington Post, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) admonished the Supreme Court for daring to invalidate laws passed by Congress, and in retribution proposed the...

Apr 23,2006

Our perky savior

To hear the mainstream media tell it, Katie Couric will be the savior of CBS News. She’s perky, blonde–and getting blonder by the day. She is widely portrayed as a...

Apr 17,2006

Charles Murray’s big idea

Will Charles Murray's idea to replace the bureaucratic welfare state with a simple redistribution scheme work?

Apr 17,2006

How amnesty hurts Mexico

Interior Mexico is a sad and lonely place. In the summer of 2001, on my most recent trip to rural Morelos, I worked on a service project in a small...

Apr 16,2006

‘Never again’ again

Never again. That’s what the world vowed when allied tanks liberated Nazi death camps. Soon after, the West Pakistan Army massacred more than 500,000 Bengalis; Pol Pot slaughtered more than...