Albion’s wayward children

Our “special relationship” with England goes deeper than simply speaking the same language, the great political virtues, moral habits and social customs which made America great are rooted in Englishness.

Irish lullabies

Irish lullabies

How folk Irish ditties instill a healthy distrust of authority and government power in the old and the young.

Cooler heads on global warming

There’s a storm brewing over global warming–or, more accurately, storms aren’t brewing, and that’s causing a storm in itself. People preaching the dangers of global warming predicted that warmer air

News Radio Toyota

Tomorrow’s Technology Today reports are “brought to you by Toyota” — but so is the news itself. A good half of the Boston radio station WBZ’s technology news segments are

A necessary moral equivalence

“We are all Lebanese now.” That is not a phrase likely to be heard coming from any American politician or official of either party, much less from any professional pundit.

Petty differences?

I read with interest John Rutledge’s article in The Washington Times on AFF’s libertarian vs. conservative debate. In my view, some such confrontations are interesting. But I’d be careful not

A true inconvenience

President Bush has announced that our nation is addicted to oil, but that isn’t true at all. I am addicted to cigarettes, I am not addicted to water. Yet if