Truthiness: An interpretive dance

For Jim McGreevey, the truth was always whatever he could get away with. That is, until he appointed a former lover to a high level position who later tried to

A lesson of Plamegate

This Novak insider only needed publicly reported information and a dab of common sense to tell just how far off from the truth was much of the media’s coverage of the Valerie Plame story.

Emasculated England

Somewhere along the way, England seems to have rushed headlong into the world of animal rights, environmental activism, political correctness, and other liberal nostrums.

A conversation piece

Conversations with Other Women is one of those movies that are difficult to review. Much of the pleasure of watching the film, which opened this weekend in D.C. and a handful

Pre-law, pre-med, pre-NFL

The high-profile NCAA scholar-athlete is a myth. Not a widely believed myth, but at least an idea to which the NCAA, schools, and athletes pay lip service. The elite athletes

The Pope’s call to reason

I’m getting a feeling of déjà vu over the recent protests in the Muslim community over remarks made by Pope Benedict XVI last Tuesday in Germany. Once again, like with the Danish cartoons a

The games bureaucrats play

When a bureaucrat makes a comment that defies logic, like the following, it may mean something’s up: It is misleading to imply that the commission could be the cause of

An inconvenient enemy of the people

The opening shot in a much anticipated Presidential contest might just have been fired in the strangest of places: Washington’s Shakespeare Theatre Company. The company is currently running a production

Dear maniacal rubes

Religious faith holds a certain honor in American society. Institutions deemed religious are exempt from taxation. Discrimination based on religious affiliation is prohibited. Long held statutes do not oblige priests