Month: September 18, 2006

Sep 18,2006

The games bureaucrats play

When a bureaucrat makes a comment that defies logic, like the following, it may mean something’s up: It is misleading to imply that the commission could be the cause of...

Sep 11,2006

An inconvenient enemy of the people

The opening shot in a much anticipated Presidential contest might just have been fired in the strangest of places: Washington’s Shakespeare Theatre Company. The company is currently running a production...

Sep 11,2006

Dear maniacal rubes

Religious faith holds a certain honor in American society. Institutions deemed religious are exempt from taxation. Discrimination based on religious affiliation is prohibited. Long held statutes do not oblige priests...

Sep 04,2006

Less Republican, more conservative

The last big round of primary elections is coming up next week, and so it’s a good time to take another look at what we’ll be facing in Congress after...

Sep 04,2006

The age of classic TV

The elevated, novelistic trend we're currently seeing in television -- and first seen in shows like Homicide -- combined with the increasing popularity of DVD box sets, suggests that television...

Sep 04,2006

Hamilton vs. Carney

Often the problem isn't that Congress and Big Business have gotten cozy; in many cases they don't seem to have gotten cozy enough.