Pro-life hope

Pro-life hope

The pro-life cause is making great gains, but there are still hurdles ahead.

The Castaway

Sam Francis came to Washington as one of the bright young minds of the New Right in the late 1970s, anxious to help the conservative movement defeat communism abroad and

Sexless and the City

Helen of Troy may have launched a thousand ships but Carrie Bradshaw has launched a thousand book proposals. Ever since Candace Bushnell’s novel Sex and the City became a hit TV series for HBO, the bed-hopping single played by Sarah Jessica Parker, in her famous Manolo Blahniks, has become a cultural shorthand for life after the Sexual Revolution.

The Desire to Control Others

One of my favorite economics professors had the perfect solution to the problem of unchecked government growth. To keep politicians from spending time and taxpayer money dreaming up new laws,

Skipping Class Warfare

“We will focus on economic fairness in a country divided too much by class,” thundered Jim Webb, joined by hundreds as he celebrated his victory as Virginia’s newest senator. “At