Did God Misspeak?

Who would have thought that John Kerry and Charlie Rangel would both give interviews speaking out against gun control, right after a major shooting tragedy? Who would have thought that

Judgment Daze

Judgment Daze

The actual harm caused in the Virginia Tech shooting is bad enough, but if we are not aware of our hurdles to judgment we make ourselves more vulnerable to tragic events than we already are.

Words Are Just As Good As Actions

For some reason, Don Imus lost his job last week for a comment that, by the standards of a guy who once called Howard Kurtz a “boner-nosed… beanie-wearing Jewboy,” was

Terry Moran’s Outrageous Screed

Add ABC News anchorman Terry Moran to the list of people who owe Reade Seligman, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans an apology. His recent remarks make Don Imus look like

The People who Brought you Tax Day

Taxes are too complex for the good of the economy, too complex for families, and too complex for small businesses. For big business and for Washington lobbyists, complexity means profit.

Words on the Big Screen

Clive Cussler had made it very clear that the actor cast to play the lead of Dirk Pitt in the movie Sahara had to have green eyes. Because in the

Just Like Us!

One of my great shames is that I like to read Us Weekly. Especially while traveling. In my carry-on bag, I’ll wedge a copy between the Economist and First Things.

Flat Earth Society

Over the past decade, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has raised himself to a position of preeminence among his peers. The Washington Post labeled him “a great explicator of and cheerleader for globalization”