Vigilantes and Live Free or Die Hard

“You won’t hurt me,” says a confident Tony, a blonde, sweat-suit-clad terrorist, who is holding a Los Angeles office building hostage, as he stares down the barrel of a pistol

Inside Washington Weekly Episode 15

This week, join host David White and panelists Matt Continetti of the Weekly Standard, Sarah Longwell of Berman and Co., and Dave Weigel of Reason as they discuss: * Bloomberg’s

The Bloomberg Bribery Experiment

Just one day before New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg fueled speculation of a White House bid by bolting from the Republican Party, his office released detailed plans for Opportunity

By the Fire of Bloomberg’s Pants!

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ended his marriage of convenience with the Republican Party this week and declared himself an independent. Bloomberg was a Democrat until he entered the 2001

Inside Washington Weekly Episode 14

The show’s panelists this week are Michael Brendan Dougherty of the American Conservative, Peter Suderman of National Review Online, and Anastasia Uglova. David White hosts. Topics covered include: * The

Memories of New York

NEW YORK — I know where I am because there’s no place to use the restroom, I can’t buy food with my beloved trans-fats in it, and a pack of

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Nancy Pelosi apparently thinks that you should not only pay for members of Congress to take official trips, you should pay for their kids to tag along, too. “It has