Inside Washington Weekly: Episode 13

The show’s panelists this week are David Freddoso of the Evans-Novak Inside Political Report, Brainwash editor J.P. Freire, and Kristen Soltis of the Winston Group. David White hosts. Topics covered

Eighth Grade Class Election

CNN hosted a Republican primary debate on Tuesday, and it veered into some strange territory when Mike Huckabee was asked to explain his views on the etiology of existence. Of

With This Ringer, I Thee Wed

How long did your last relationship last? Two years, maybe three? I’m not asking about your college sweetheart, but your cell phone contract. Mobile phone companies expect major commitments from

Sons of Italy

A long line of conservative Italian political thought goes ignored when we get caught up looking at Italy’s current state.

Crossing the Borders and Dotting the Ayes

It’s official — Fred Thompson is planning on entering the presidential race. The USA Today report that broke this news is a bit more entertaining when read out of sequence. Paragraph 25: Some