How to Stop Cars From Backing Over Kids

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimate, each year at least 183 people — mostly children and the elderly — die when a motor vehicle backs-over them.

Smoking Heals

Smoking Heals

Imagine if Democratic lawmakers sought to provide handouts to the children of middle class voters by instituting a tax on America’s poorest citizens. Implausible? Think again. Just last week, the

The Record Industry  Is Watching You

“I have no privacy,” sang one-hit wonder Rockwell, as he crept around the long, shadowy hallways of his eerie, empty house, under the watchful eyes of intruders, both real and

More Money, More Problems

“You want my money. My money, for my students.” So said Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) on Wednesday. At the time, he was being robbed by a mugger while on his

Ron Paul: Libertarian Bigot?

Is Ron Paul the savior of libertarians? That’s what many are claiming about the Texas Republican who ran on the Libertarian ticket for President in 1988. Andrew Sullivan, who styles

Notre Dame on Welfare

Anyone who thinks that Catholics don’t understand money should school themselves on the history of my Alma Mater, the University of Notre Dame. The Fathers of the Holy Cross founded

We Salute Our Key Republican Senators

Congratulations, Republican: You’ve won a statewide election, come to Washington, and been sworn in. Welcome to the U.S. Senate! But you want to be more than just any old legislator;

Eternal Thunderstorms of the PTSD Mind

When patients taking the high blood pressure medication propanolol reported a decrease in stage fright, researchers at Harvard Medical School and McGill University began to wonder whether the drug might