All Top Five: Cheap Beer

Ah, Mr. Poulos raises an excellent point: What are the five best cheap beers? PBR. Gotta agree with James, and, despite what I intimated earlier, I love me some Pabst.

Rich Man’s Beer, Poor Man’s Beer

Contra Yglesias, Sonny reminds us — and I’m sure Matt knows it well — that beer, as such, is available in cheap, expensive, and ironically cheap varieties, plus a whole

The High Life

The High Life

Mr. Yglesias is joking, right? When people talk about wine-track vs. beer-track Dems, the beer track doesn’t mean $8 pints of Brooklyn Winter Ale in Manhattan. Hipsters drink $4 cans

It Must Be Tough…

…going through your life constantly aware of little more than race and gender. The latest example: the gals over at Feministing are up in arms over Anthony Lane’s review of



While I’m not terribly interested in engaging in a full-on debate about the United States and its current relationship with the Geneva conventions, I do feel that someone should point

8th Amendment Follies

Ten days ago I expressed displeasure over the latest court rulings on capital punishment. Lethal injection struck me as a far crueler option than what is still known, in an

A Path Secured

A Path Secured

As Michael Barone points out, with a little massaging of the numbers (counting Florida, not counting Michigan, and guessing at the numbers of caucus-goers) Hillary Clinton has taken the lead

A World With One Rule

And that rule: No more burning buildings. I don’t really get the outrage. It was one thing to complain about Cloverfield…though I disagreed, I understood why some might get upset

No Place for Decent People?

I must admit, as someone who has spent his career as an inside-the-beltway type, I find the angst caused by the White House Correspondent’s Association’s annual dinner by some on