Why pay for what you can get for free?

I read a Chuck Klosterman column in Esquire a few months back–or, possibly in his collection IV–in which he mentioned, off-handedly, that downloading MP3s for free is stealing. He didn’t

Rethinking the Right

There has been much celebratory talk of the end of American conservatism, and not all of it is unjustified. When the last 01.20.09 Euro decal has been peeled from the back of the

Memorial Day Viewing

When I go home, people ask me: ‘Hey Hoot…why d’ya do it, man? Why? You some kinda war junkie?’ I won’t say a goddamn word. Why? They won’t understand. They

The Blessing of a Long Memory

is that you remember how much worse it’s been, and how much worse it could be. Despite our frustrations with the war, we have repeatedly avoided catastrophe. Despite our oafish,

Your Own Private 1,000 Year Reich

Mixed news for fans of radical life extension: Charles Lindbergh is sort of your posterboy. Forget aviation hero. On the side, Lindbergh was a Dr Frankenstein figure, who used his

Indy IV

Indy IV

When Raiders of the Lost Ark first hit theaters, critics were largely kind, and most noted (and tended not to mind) its derivative nature–as Vincent Canby wrote in the New

White Liberal Guilt

I see Reihan has picked up on Ron Rosenbaum’s Slate piece on white liberal guilt. I appreciate what Reihan is saying when he writes “I mean, would you rather be

Bury Hillary [Updated…Repeatedly]

I’ll keep blogging about this until every silver bullet has been fired and every stake pounded. Obama-Clinton would not be a ‘team of rivals.’ Barack Obama is not, and can