Your Summer Drink List

Inspired and revolted by Sonny’s review of one of the Amis’ less undrinkable-sounding notoriously funky beverages, I present forthwith your summering drink list. I mean your summer drinking list. I

South Park Already Did It

Once upon a time, South Park aired an episode where Butters was slowly driven insane by the fact that every plan his evil alter ego, Professor Chaos, came up with

News, or News Analysis?

Thursday’s Philly Inquirer featured an astonishingly lazy piece of “analysis” (at least, I hope it’s “news analysis” instead of straight up “news”) by Larry Eichel on Hillary Clinton and the

A.O. Scott, Right on as Usual

For the most part, movie critics are clueless hacks when it comes to anything political. David Denby and Dana Stevens spring to mind in particular, but the problem is pretty

The Soft Despotism of Low Expectations

I owe John a response to his very savvy account of why it is true that we’re living under Tocqueville’s famous ‘soft despotism’: I have myself [Tocqueville writes] vainly searched

Politics vs. Philosophy on the Right

A conversation has started which will, and should, only grow louder, more vociferous, and more comprehensive. It’s about whether or not conservatives should work on developing and pitching new ways

Dear God…(Updated)

…If I ever write a piece of navel-gazing dreck this insipid please remove my hands from my arms as punishment so I may never write again. This piece is the

I'll Second that Yikes

Over at Contentions, Jennifer Rubin breaks down just how many different groups Weekly Standard contributor Sen. Jim Webb managed to offend yesterday: “We shouldn’t be surprised at the way they

Everybody Loves Che

Having not seen Steven Soderbergh’s new Commie-lovefest, Che, I don’t feel particularly comfortable talking about it. But I will second Dirty Harry’s annoyance at the fact that liberal reviewers feel