Gay Baiting? Or Straight Up Fun?

This ad has been making the rounds and attracting a certain amount of Democratic ire — purportedly for, as Matt puts it, “mainlining homophobia”: Outstandingly, Matt persists in his excellent

Blurring the Battlefield

A while ago I went back and forth with John Schwenkler on torture. Our positions are pretty close together, but an element of the ‘torture problem’ we seem to be

Pollster Secrets Revealed!

Aaron Sorkin’s film The American President tells the tale of the President of the United States, Andrew Shepard, a widower who falls in love with a lobbyist. The fallout from his romantic

The Careful Man's Peachy Punch

In my review of Kingsley Amis’s Everyday Drinking for the Washington Times, I reference ‘The Careful Man’s Peachy Punch.’ For those intrepid enough to read me both at the Times

The Tragic Irony of Thomas Frank

Unaware of my existence and identity as Thomas Frank appears to be, how could he have known, before clicking SEND on his silly piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, that

What's the Matter with Frank?

So there I was, reading the Wall Street Journal, and what do I see? Thomas Frank attacking AFF, the organization that so kindly pays me to write this humble weblog,

The Race Is Over…

…but only because the media says that it’s over. Here’s the thing about Obama’s much-vaunted majority of the pledged delegates: it means bupkus. There is a certain symbolism, I suppose,

The Right's Hero Problem

By way of Jonathan Last’s and Victorino Matus’ commentaries on Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Sonny raises a pop culture problem with profound implications for right-leaning political philosophy: [Last] argued

What’s Your Story? Andrew Rotherham

In 1999, Andrew Rotherham was hearing from more than a few people that his career was over. An education analyst at the Progressive Policy Institute, Rotherham had just authored a