Does Bob Barr Need an Intervention?

Having recently cast aspersions on his attitude toward constitutional law, I now take up the challenge of defending Barr against John Tabin, who was at the Libertarian debate hosted by


This paragraph in Richard Cohen’s column today on why Hillary hasn’t dropped out puzzled me a little bit: In the end, no one begrudges a bitter-ender. Robert E. Lee is

Buy The Book

Philip Rieff is the greatest social thinker you’ve never heard of. The second volume of his posthumous and mindbending three-volume opus, Sacred Order/Social Order, has hit shelves (there is a

The Case for Empire, Redux

In the early days of The Weekly Standard online, Jonathan V. Last wrote a very controversial piece entitled The Case for Empire. In it, he argued that viewers were cheering

Japanese Cinema

James picks his favorite (and least favorite) Japanese film over at The American Scene. I think his choice of Battle Royale is a great one, though you can’t go wrong

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Bad Night

Ross writes: there are times when quietism is the better part of valor, and times when revolutions are necessary things. And given my own declinist instincts, I can easily imagine



While we’re on the topic of sports… I just came across this story at ESPN, about a family bringing suit after their son was injured in a baseball game. Bringing

Sometimes Life Isn't Fair

Josh Patashnik gnashes his teeth over the dominance home court teams have had in the second round of the NBA playoffs this year. He argues the way the playoffs have