Summer reading recommendations

The Weekly Standard‘s summer reading issue is out now: pick it up! You’ll love it! Two recommendations of my own: Grand New Party, by Ross and Reihan. Very good. More

The Perception Gap

Interesting and smart column by Kyle Smith over at the NY Post: Twenty percent of Americans say the U.S. economy is doing well. That’s hearsay. Seventy-one percent say they, personally,

Patriotism and Nationalism, Again

Peter Beinart, he of the heavy-duty Time topic of Patriotism With America At A (Nother) Crossroads, wants to be an equal-opportunity chastiser. What could be more bipartisan and transcendent? But

Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!

Rod Dreher will just lurv this one. In a general sign of the horribleness of Time magazine and the culture at large, the hot new story is the mainstreaming of

Statistics Abuse

I have a lot of problems with statistical analysis. Most of my complaints go straight to the heart of the use of large-n studies of groups — irritating quant people,

And When They Meet, It's Happy Land

So I’ve just returned from Providence, RI, where an IHS conference on social change was held at Brown University. Stars of the show included the ever-lucid Will Wilkinson (recently in

Friedman's Funk

It used to be said that if The Cure made a happy album something had truly gone wrong in the world. It must now be said that if Tom Friedman

Could It Be…Satan?

Who’s worse than Mugabe? And why don’t we hear about him? Perfectly good question fielded a few days ago by Peter Maass at Slate. I haven’t kept up with the