NYC critics and The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight continues to steamroll the box office competition, taking in another $75 million this weekend and breaking another record (biggest second weekend of all time) for a $314M

Aid to Africa, aid to D.C.

Rod Dreher has been following the evolution of Irish journalist Kevin Myers’s take on aid to Africa. As Dreher puts it, Kevin Myers’ cold-hearted view, which has the advantage of

The commuter wars begin

Things got pretty nasty between a car driver and a group of cyclists last weekend. From Slog: A demonstration turned violent Friday night after a group of cyclists taking part

Mbeki: Friend to Africa's O.J.

I’m still trying to determine exactly what to think and say about this, but South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki seems extraordinarily tone deaf to the ugliness going down north of his

Politics and The Dark Knight, cont.

Lots more talk about politics and The Dark Knight, sparked largely by this (kind of silly) piece by Andrew Klavan equating Batman with George W. Bush. Klavan’s column does a

The X-Files and Step Brothers

Two reviews for you this week: The X-Files: I Want to Believe over at the Times, and Step Brothers over at the Standard. I must admit to being terribly disappointed

And Now for Something Completely Different

Much fun at Alternet. Bruce Levine: My recent articles have been about the corrupt partnership between Big Pharma and psychiatry — resulting in nonsense, lies and exaggerations about mental illness