Thought of the Day

What if the desire for flourishing is narcissistic? How do we parse our way out of that paper bag? Time to change the terms of argument, foax.

Context is King, _***er

Julian wants to argue that The N Word is not always offensive. I agree: we can run offensive vulgarities that degrade everyone in their full printed glory but yikes when

The Dark Knight's BO

As in box office. Ridiculously impressive numbers. Though Peter does in fact owe me a drink, even I undershot the eventual total; I figured something in the $125M to $130M

Ten minutes of prog rock wankery

This weekend’s Rush concert has inspired two thoughts. One: The Nissan Pavillion, though a great venue, is a terribly designed venue. I hate getting there/getting out of there more than

Politicizing reviews

Christian Hamaker, over at the Arts and Faith message board, suggests I’m veering towards Stevens-territory in my blog post on The Dark Knight from late last week. In other words,



Dig back through my archives to see a premonition of this piece at AlterNet, “Are Men Having an Identity Crisis?” Me then: Seth Rogen’s chubby frat boy, Steve Carell’s needy

News Flash

News Flash

Psychology without Freud, economics without Marx, philosophy without Hegel: For disciplinary cheerleaders, this confirms intellectual progress. The cloudy old thinkers have made way for new scientific researchers. But at what

Children at the theater

Over at CNN’s entertainment blog, Audrey Irvine is complaining about children at the theater: So consider this. You’ve paid $9 (or more) for the ticket, $4 for the popcorn and