We're All Will Smith Now

Sonny vs. the National Post: What the article fails to acknowledge is Smith’s talent as an actor; how is his persona any less acceptable than that of Bogart or Grant–similarly



So, Matt Yglesias posts this pic about the “walkability” of DC neighborhoods and thinks it proves some grand point about poverty and mobility (or lack thereof). The red areas, particularly

The Dark Knight

Here’s my take over at the Washington Times. The movie is, in a word, brilliant. It was almost difficult to review–this was the first masterpiece I’ve seen whilst on the

Teams, Cocoons, Politics

Ross, while commenting on Matt Yglesias’ departure from TheAtlantic.com, mentions in passing a lot of the things I find unpleasant about my own side of the partisan divide these days

The Fairness Doctrine

Can someone explain to me the point of the “fairness” doctrine? Over at The Weekly Standard, Jaime Sneider notes Democrats like Sen. Durbin and Sen. Kerry are eager to resurrect

That is terribly unfair

Via JVL, I see this article from the National Post: Happy as a clam, rich as a minor Rockefeller, Will Smith turned up recently on a 60 Minutes update of

Sympathy Fail

Sympathy Fail

So, have you seen this interrogation video of Omar Khadr, a teenager being held at Guantanamo Bay? Kind of brutal stuff. Look at him weep! It’s very sad. Of course,

Romney Update / Ominous Forecasting

The reason you pick Romney is you want a very solid, competent debater, a good governing partner, someone who’ll do what you say, and someone who can communicate on economics.