Conservatives and 'Traitor'

As Dirty Harry points out, conservative film critics are somewhat split about ‘Traitor.’ He hated it, as did Peter Suderman (though Peter disliked it because he found it boring, rather

Please, make fun of Palin

Says Reihan: Attention all those who want to defeat McCain-Palin: please ridicule Sarah Palin. Five kids with silly white trash names! She was the mayor of a small town! Ha!

A few notes

A few notes

Just wanted to throw a couple of links your way. ‘Traitor’ is out this week, and I kind of dug it; it’s one of the few movies we’ve seen over

The Palin Pick

The Palin Pick

Says Andrew: The Palin pick sure will win headlines. It wasn’t competely out of the blue, but it’s a little mystifying for one obvious reason. If McCain’s entire argument so

Roger Ebert hates Jay Mariotti

The beginning of an open letter from Ebert to Mariotti at Poynter: Dear Jay, What an ugly way to leave the Sun-Times. It does not speak well for you. Your

Good night, and good luck James

I’d just like to say thanks, and good luck to my coblogger, James Poulos, who is leaving Doublethink for a randy start up website by the name of Culture11. I

Palin's foreign policy experience

Andrew replies to my critique: But still: there’s inexperience and inexperience. Has Palin ever even said anything about foreign policy in her entire career? That’s all I’m asking. What have

Palin 2012 (?)

Palin 2012 (?)

Julie in the comments to a previous post makes a fair point: There is a significantly higher probability that McCain will not make it past his first term given that

Commie Gobbledygook

It feels like a video day at this here blog. For your viewing pleasure: American gymnast Nastia Liukin talking about her medals. You only really need to watch the first