It's never too soon…

…to teach a child the bitter taste of failure. Did you see this story about the little league that is disbanding a team because its pitcher is too good? “He

What’s Your Story?: Amy Alkon

This advice columnist doesn’t care if she hurts your feelings. Every week in a column syndicated in over 100 papers across America, Amy Alkon delivers hilariously hard-nosed counsel to thousands of clueless souls.

'An Alfresco Oral Sex Contest'

The Bad News Britons are taking their binge-and-vomit tour on the road, debasing themselves and threatening the public decency wherever they go. So says Sarah Lyall in the NYT: They

Olympics roundup

Olympics roundup

The Olympics have drawn to a close; I think it’s time for a roundup. According to the medal counter I subscribe to(3 points for a gold, two for a silver,

Yushchenko Weighs In

At The Washington Post. It’s remarkable — though understandable — how sober and controlled the language of the Ukrainian president appears beside that of the US’s most nominally pro-Ukrainian commentators.

Protesting capitalism

Am I the only one who read this story about the kid arrested for “protesting capitalism” in Denver and thought of this South Park clip?

Biden For VP. Woot.

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t commented on the pick of Joe Biden as Obama’s VP. You know why I haven’t commented? Because I don’t give a flip, and neither should

The Morgellons Mystery

Morgellons is a disturbing condition that causes victims to develop open sores that won’t heal, sprout strange, brightly colored fibers, and feel sensations of something moving, stinging and biting under the skin. The CDC is investigating.