Sending the Right Message

Moscow has sent a message: Russia will do what it wants, when it wants, to the unfortunate countries on its borderlands. Here are several options for avoiding mixed signals while sending them a message of our own.

A Fortnight of Lessons

Some sane commentary is finally emerging in the wake of the Georgia crisis, which turns two weeks old tonight. The macho fulminations of neoconservative pundits seem to be dying down

Tortured Logic

Tortured Logic

Apropos of the Sonny-Schwenkler Torture Tussle, I’ll mention briefly the following as non inconsistent positions to take on torture and torture-related issues: (1) Torture banned by treaties to which we

Dare to be Stupid

I’m sorry, but of the many compelling (or intriguing, or plausible) arguments for why African-Americans should have their own search engine, this is not one of them: […] a black

Salam for Slice

Salam for Slice

Reihan suggests that either McCain or Obama pick Kimbo Slice for the VP slot. This is a movement I can get behind. Instead of a debate we could have a

No libruls on the teevees

Matt says: Phil Donahue got fired from his political talk show simply for being too liberal. To which I say: wait, what? You mean the fact that he was drawing

Torture or not torture, cont.

Though I think we’re quickly approaching the land of diminishing returns, this is my response to John Schwenkler’s response to my response to his criticism of my argument that segregating

Why Does She Bother?

Anne Applebaum’s latest Slate column on Russia comes with a may-jor caveat: the word superficial is worth repeating here […]. As in, Applebaum concedes that her whole column is strung

Postmodern Toughness

Robert Kagan has a great, long article in The Weekly Standard about how wrong Fukuyama was and how right the other guys (i.e. himself) were about the end of history