Thru Sonny, Jamie Kirchick reminds me why Bush’s infamous size-up of Putin was such a load of bollocks: I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be

When Private Goes Public

Camille Paglia, I am noticing slightly belatedly, turned in a pitch-perfect expression of the problem with the ‘let sleeping adulterers lie’ meme in post-Clintonian political commentary: As a Democrat who

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

The Film Drunkard posted this awesome animated short. It’s long, but neat. Give it a watch:

Some Like It Raw

We have always had to have “a good reason” for doing away with small operators, and in modern times the good reason has often been sanitation, for which there is

Two Obama-related notes

In the waking of the massive FUBAR situation in Georgia, Jamie Kirchick points out over at Contentions just why we should try and avoid one-on-one talks with dictators when the

Richly rewarded

Set in the muted chaos of New Delhi, where motorized auto-rickshaws, cows, luxury cars and begging urchins mingle in the hot, dusty streets without much incident (though not always without

That's the whole point

This paragraph over at the HuffPo is as amusing as it is frustrating: Well, I thought I would bang on about this for a while, let’s say as long as

One more Olympics note

How should the “winner” of the medal race be counted? Only by gold medals won, as the ChiComs want, or by total medals, as the USOC appears to want? This

Cheaters and sticklers

Over at Slate, Emily Bazelon has this to say about playing by the rules: The cheaters have to learn to play fair, and the sticklers have to figure out when