Xinhua outdoes itself

For years, skeptics have claimed that the Apollo moon landing was staged. NASA has nothing on the PRC’s government-controlled Xinhua news agency, however. Granted, this isn’t exactly Stalin airbrushing Trotsky

Economists against the bailout

200 economists are weighing in against the proposed $700 billion financial bailout, saying it’ll take a generation to pay it off, and they don’t believe the situation is as dire

Not at all surprising

The NRA is running an ad that the Obama campaign doesn’t care for. Did the Obama campaign craft a response ad, or talk to the media denouncing the NRA’s facts?

Sturm und Drang

Sturm und Drang

I just wanted to make everyone aware of David Donadio’s fine op-ed which appeared in the Baltimore Sun this morning, and which we’re running on Doublethink Online as well. Though

Debate Summary of the Week

Here, via Brad DeLong: Some younger guy said he should be President, but some cranky older guy said that yet another guy named Petraeus should be President. Maybe the old

Hold the Phones!

Hold the Phones!

Yesterday, the European Commission announced a plan to cap international text messaging fees. From the EU Observer: Mobile services used abroad – known as ‘roaming’ within the industry – but