Month: September 25, 2008

Sep 25,2008

What would happen without the bailout?

James Pethokoukis over at U.S. News cites a Global Insight economic forecast of what would happen in the absence of Congress’ proposed bailout. It’s worth a look.

Sep 25,2008

How about a magic trick?

Having nothing constructive to add to the financial crisis debate, I’ll just post this amusing video:

Sep 25,2008

Sturm und Drang

I just wanted to make everyone aware of David Donadio’s fine op-ed which appeared in the Baltimore Sun this morning, and which we’re running on Doublethink Online as well. Though...

Sep 25,2008

Debate Summary of the Week

Here, via Brad DeLong: Some younger guy said he should be President, but some cranky older guy said that yet another guy named Petraeus should be President. Maybe the old...

Sep 24,2008

Hold the Phones!

Yesterday, the European Commission announced a plan to cap international text messaging fees. From the EU Observer: Mobile services used abroad – known as ‘roaming’ within the industry – but...