Month: October 31, 2008

Oct 31,2008

It’s not Palin, it’s McCain

I think Dan and pmm have fair points about Palin’s role in contributing to McCain’s unpopularity at this point, but in the end, I think Palin is mostly a distraction....

Oct 31,2008

Diagnosing the Palin Problem

Down in the comments of my own splenetic expression of annoyance with the conservative movement, pmm gives us some good things to think about, but I’ll probably be addressing some...

Oct 31,2008

Marc Andreesen

In case you missed his interview in Portfolio, Netscape founder Marc Andreesen once again counsels the New York Times to kill its print product altogether: Shut off the print edition...

Oct 31,2008

They call me the seeker

Lately, I keep seeing ads for this all over town, premiering this weekend. It was nagging my brain for a week before I realized it must be an adaptation of...

Oct 30,2008


Best song ever? Quite possibly. And this video ain’t bad, either.