The Obama Infomercial

I’m just curious: Did anyone actually watch the Obama infomercial? I did because the good folks at Culture11 asked me to participate in a symposium about its impact. You can

On Action Heroes

On Action Heroes

Greg Pollowitz at the Corner: Bill Clinton Helps Out… By letting America know that Senator Obama had no clue what to do when the financial crisis hit. At 3AM, how

Darwin Among the Machines

“The views of machinery which we are thus feebly indicating will suggest the solution of one of the greatest and most mysterious questions of the day. We refer to the

You mean to tell me…

…that Syria’s going to stop doing something it wasn’t doing anyway? Namely: patrolling its border and keeping terrorists from striking American citizens within Iraq? It’s going to continue to allow

One step forward, two steps back?

Yes, there are reasons not to do things like this: DAMASCUS, Syria – Syria threatened Wednesday to cut off security cooperation along the Iraqi border if there are more American