Al-Qaeda endorses McCain?

Nicholas Kristof makes light of an al-Qaeda supporter’s endorsement of John McCain in the U.S. presidential election: “Al Qaeda will have to support McCain in the coming election,” read a



Over at DCist, Sommer has been writing about the MPD’s policy of random searches on the DC metro system: So it’s a consent-based search, but if you refuse to be

Adventures with the Daily Mail

Perhaps it’s because I’m a bad person, but I took rare delight in this article about Bono, narcissist and overrated singer: His humanitarian campaigning has earnt him the nickname St

A Liberal Education in Iraq?

Sometimes we educators in America worry that our universities are becoming too “professional” – that all the old notions of what constitutes a broad liberal education have fallen prey to



Sonny points out that I was unclear in my earlier post: I’m talking about the WTC bombing of February 1993, hence the reference to attacking Afghanistan in 2000 or 2001.

Re Richard Dawkins

Apropos Dan’s fine series of posts: …I shall be talking about God a great deal, and this is a word which offends unholy people just as badly as words like

Why I Love Apple

I love Apple Computers because they’re quite possibly the most elitist company in existence. Here’s a snippet from their conference call today: Jobs and other Apple execs addressed questions related

No silver bullets

James Goldgeier thinks a President Obama would have just as tough a go of it as a President McCain would: “There is an expectation by the Europeans that Barack Obama

Faith no more

Faith no more

The Christian Science Monitor will stop printing daily. After a century of continuous publication, The Christian Science Monitor will abandon its weekday print edition and appear online only, its publisher