From bad to worse

There’s a difference between bad and worse. To me, Sonny’s historical perspective reads like: Gaza was a hellhole, anyway, so why not bring Hamas to power? The Iranians have been

Slate's politics, cont.

A couple of months back, Matt Yglesias made the argument that Slate is a center right publication. As I demonstrated by totaling up the staff’s votes in 2000 and 2004,

Belaboring further

Far be it from me to criticize a “foreign policy that works”–I must have missed that portion of history where Iran, North Korea, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories were filled

What’s Your Story: David All

If you don’t have 500 Facebook friends, David All won’t hire you. All is the president of the eponymous David All Group (DAG), “the nation’s first conservative Web 2.0 agency.”

Hu Jia, his honor

Hu Jia, his honor

Last week, the European Parliament awarded its human rights prize, aptly named for Andrei Sakharov, to Chinese dissident, Hu Jia. Hu has made something of a career out of making

The price of life

Last-ditch, life-prolonging cancer medication: $4,000. The suicide pill: $50. Confirmation of all those slippery-slope arguments against assisted suicide: Priceless.



I’d like to belabor this, at least a little, because the difference in our conceptions of how to protect our people is the difference between a foreign policy that works

Inelegant solutions

I don’t really want to belabor this, because David and I have very different conceptions of America’s duty to keep her people safe. But we have a situation where the

Richard Dawkins, scourge of fun

Richard Dawkins, professional atheist, intends to write a book on the ill effects of Harry Potter on children [Note to self: Fertile ground for an atheist-fundamentalist alliance?]: Looking back to