Personal Responsibility

Matt Yglesias bemoans the problem of children having access to proper dental care here, saying 16 percent of all children and twenty percent of children under the age of six

It's a gift, really

I have no idea what effect Billy Joel’s endorsement will have on the Obama campaign, but, speaking personally, I can only agree with Joe Queenan’s assessment that BIlly Joel has

Well, at least it wasn't the Killing Fields

Passing through campus today, I noticed a copy of Chicago Weekly, an independent University of Chicago newspaper, with a cover story on community-supported agriculture, tastefully titled “The Great Leap Forward.”



Not exactly the Midas touch. It sure is, um, different… (Hat tip: Brendan Conway.)

The one you've been waiting for

Billy Joel has endorsed Barack Obama or, as New York Magazine puts it, self-popped his cherry for Obama. To all of you who’ve been on the fence about this one,

Use some common sense, dummy

I sympathize with Mike Riggs’s basic point over at Reason, in his post on the firing of a teacher who was using his MySpace account to communicate with students during

A Chastened Greenspan

Fascinating stuff coming out of Alan Greenspan’s testimony today, difficult stuff for dyed-in-the-wool libertarians to countenance, I’d imagine. Snippets from the WSJ story: “Those of us who have looked to