Month: November 12, 2008

Nov 12,2008

Dear Copy Editors

I know writing headlines for CNN Living can be boring. But the next time you have the urge to use the word “Bling” in a headline, please watch this. And...

Nov 11,2008

Still Palin Hating

Via Ross Douthat, Dan Kois at Daily Intel is moved to kinda, sorta defend Sarah Palin against the shellacking she’s still taking in the media, even though the campaign’s over...

Nov 11,2008

Jeff Jarvis and the death of print

There’s much to be said about Ron Rosenbaum’s latest, on Jeff Jarvis’ new media consultancy, but that’s all I’m gonna say at the moment.

Nov 11,2008

Tucker, also FTW

The fine Mr. Kennelly points us to one of the most awfully sanctimonious responses to criticism I’ve ever read. Kmiec’s reply to Ross’s post is really something to behold; like...

Nov 10,2008

We all turn into our fathers

Well, I suppose this was bound to happen at some point: [O]n November 11, Simon & Schuster imprint Fireside Books will publish The Pitchfork 500: Our Guide to the Greatest...