Why the iPhone Is Cool

This: “Steve Demeter wrote ‘Trism’, a sliding-block, color-matching puzzle game, in his spare time, and put it on Apple’s App Store for $4.99. Just two months later, the game had

The Murder Bus Tales

The man sitting next to me is having a rough day. Bleary-eyed, shirt untucked, hair in mild disarray: He looks like life is moving faster than he’d like. Apparently, he thinks so as well; he’s reading a piece of Jehovah’s Witness literature on “How to Take Control of Your Life.” He’s sucking down his second beer with obvious relish, and it’s enough to make me think about getting a pint. But I won’t. Because we’re on a bus, and it’s 6:45 in the morning. Just another day on Foothill Transit, Line 187: the Murder Bus.

More on statelessness, Geneva, etc

In addition to the comments on my original post, there’s an interesting discussion brewing over at Upturned Earth; Matt Thompson dissents here and the comments are worth reading.

Statelessness and Humanity

Over at John Schwenkler’s joint, J.L. Wall addresses the problem of the Geneva Conventions as they apply to enemy combatants. John and I went back and forth on this earlier



As the token humanities grad student here, I feel it’s my duty to post the link to a video of this conversation between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky… then again,

Stroke of the Pen

Bush’s penchant for expanding executive power shows that he misunderstood the most important aspect of governmental institutions: They should be one-size-fits all. Officeholders set precedents that will be utilized not only be good, honest, decent men, but also by ambitious, greedy, and abusive men.