A Letter from Tbilisi

TBILISI, GEORGIA–Back in August I could barely tear myself away from my inbox: every few minutes I’d get an update from friends here telling me of new horrors, and fresh

Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn

Emily Parker profiles famed corporate raider and greenmailer Carl Icahn in the WSJ. I don’t know about Icahn’s latest shareholder initiative, but if the Pickens Plan is any indication of

How I learned to drive

I saw a flier for that ubiquitous show this week. I keep hoping some bored post-modernist will write a play entitled “How I Was Molested By My Uncle.” And then

A little more on Prop. 8

Lots of interesting discussion in the comments. A little circular, but that tends to happen when people are posting repeatedly on the same topic in the middle of the day

“Big Underpants”

Or so CCTV’s Beijing headquarters is called by the locals. I guess CCTV should consider themselves lucky it wasn’t called “Depends.” (h/t China Blog)